Nix: Hypervisor, Kubernetes, and Containers
Clipboard Sharing to a Remote Dev Environment
Ring Buffer
CLIs serving UIs
Pipes: Named and Unnamed
Time-based KV Store in Go (Interview Question)
Navigating OCI Artifacts and Images
Linux (Dual Boot) Workstation - Arch, Windows 11, Encrypted
Production Kubernetes (My Book!)
Virtual Machine Networking (libvirt)
Preparing Machine Images for qemu/KVM
Shaping Linux Traffic with tc
Why I Don't Care About My Window Manager
Linux Hypervisor Setup (libvirt/qemu/kvm)
Linux Desktop Configuration
Arch Linux and Windows 10 (UEFI + Encrypted) Install Guide
Vim Kuberetes YAML Support
Calico Routing Modes
Local JDK Docs in an IDE
Recording and Repeating Commands in Vim
2019 US Kubecon
Controllers and Operators
Kubernetes Static Pods
Vim as a Go IDE
Network Policy in Kubernetes
Contour - Ingress with Envoy
HA Control Plane with kubeadm
Calico Route Refelctors
Pod Security Policy Configuration
Securing Communication to Controller Manager and Scheduler
The Integrated Development Environment